A History of the Conquest of the Maya by Ma Boyong

Alternate history as comic novel. Ma Boyong imagines a meeting between exiled forces of the Shang Dynasty and pre-Columbian middle America.

The book originated online and is written in the same arch tone that Ma employs to great effect on his blog. He’s also obviously a fan of Stephen Chow.

Lightweight and fun, the book will probably grate on anyone familiar with actual Mayan history, although it does acquit itself better than the other “China meets Maya” novel I read this year. (That book, thankfully, remains unpublished.)

4 thoughts on “A History of the Conquest of the Maya by Ma Boyong

  1. matthew

    Hello. It’s too bad this blog isn’t full of new and interesting commentators. I am an american but interested in how chinese sci-fi is developing since science fiction as I know is western. I thought it would be neat to get an eastern perspective on progress. If you know any good books in english (sorry I don’t know any mandarin at all) please email me. As it’s been a few months I assume you’ve given up. Even if you have I appreciate the effort.
    bedlymite (At) gmail (dot) com

  2. Katie

    The only Chinese SF I’ve found in English thus far is in “Apex Book of World SF” edited by Lavie Tidhar, 2009. I’m still looking.

  3. Joel Post author

    Katie: I’ve written up a short reading list (also here) for Chinese SF in English at Danwei.

    LCRW recently published a story by Zhao Haihong. It seems to be print-only, but there’s an interview with the author at the publisher’s website.

  4. Alex

    hey, Im happy to see this is still on-line, even some new looks. Joel u really need to give it a push, find some on-line collaborators, something!

    in any case, tx for the idea and I hope the best of luck to keep it running, dont let it die!

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